Ninghai Chipeng - Promoldings China Took My Sample and Refuses to Communicate

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I sent a sample shirt and hat to Marshall Song and Promoldings in China.This was for the purpose of designing a battery pack and cables that would work more efficiently.

Mr. Song communicated all the time before he received the samples then a few emails were exchanged regarding the design. He contacted me at the beginning of September to verify where to send the prototype which I immediately responded with the information. He told me that the prototype was shipping out the next day.

I have never heard another word from him. I have emailed him countless times and even tried to call China but nothing. Mr.

Song and Promoldings is unprofessional and I am concerned that they are trying to steal my idea even though I had him sign a non disclosure agreement.DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!

Review about: Non Disclosure Agreement.



Complain to BBB, go after him or sue him. This is the way to do business in China. :grin :eek :cry :(

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